Anthony Brooks

Anthony, or "Brooks" (as he is affectionately known as) was born in Baltimore, MD. His career in cinematography was sparked by his travels that began early in youth. His exploratory nature while growing up in various countries such as Cuba and Italy is what hardened his visual aesthetic. With a visceral approach to creating images, his eye landscapes narratives that allow for movement between levity and darkness--affecting moods without posing distraction to an audience. Having worked on a variety of projects, Anthony's work spans features, shorts, commercials, and documentary.

Cinematographers such as Robert Elswit, Rodrigo Prieto, Luca Bigazzi are cinematographers that he holds in high regard—--for their work on films that have helped shape the way he's see the world.

Anthony aims to show the intimacies of humanity through his cinematography and often camera operates for other DPs as well. If not a cinematographer, he'd probably be a historian. (904) 803 3399