Never-to-be-released Feature Film

Back in 2014, I DP’ed a feature entitled “Sweet Darling” that ran out of completion funding. Thus, with the blessing of the director/producers, I thought it cool to chop up footage into a series of short segments that best visually depict where we were going with the narrative.

The script was very “Hitchcockian” so the goal was to encapsulate its contemporary pyschothriller narrative in that tone.

PLOT: When an anonymous caller confesses to a murder during a radio show, a man listening becomes convinced that the caller is the person responsible for the disappearance of his fiancé. This begins a journey that leads him to a face-to-face meeting with the killer.

Though I’ve shot a couple features since, I still consider this to be my 1st feature. Since it’ll never release, this process is very therapeutic for me as a DP. Here are the 6 segements. ENJOY them all!

DIRECTOR:Chadney Cooles

DoP:Anthony Brooks

WRITTEN BY:Marc Cubelli